The 10th international specialized exhibition "Bread and Confectionery"





Dear ladies and gentlemen!


We would like to offer You our advertising and informational services in the “Hlebopek”, a research, production-oriented magazine, fully dedicated to issues lying in the sphere of baking, confectionery and pasta industries. Our magazine exists since 2003, more than 9 years. During this time we could generate a solid client base from hundreds large and fine enterprises, managers and experts of large bread baking, confectionary and food enterprises, smaller bakeries, supermarkets as well as manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, ingredients, specialized technologies and equipment for baking, confectionary and pasta-producing industries.

The main principle of working our company is a satisfaction of inquiries of clients, despite of their specialization and geographical location. Volume of magazine – 68-76 full-color pages, periodicity of an output of 6 times in a year.  The edition extends by method to direct post dispatch, also on the specialized exhibitions, seminars, conferences in the Republic of Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Advertising in our magazine automatically guarantees information about Your company on our web-site   FREE OF CHARGE!



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