The 10th international specialized exhibition "Bread and Confectionery"




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Contents #6, 2015

Facts and Events



– international wholesale fair has sum up the results

Sweet Country

– reporting from the International Championship of Confectionery Art

«Lasunak-2015»: the results are here!

– the results of the quality review of bakery and confectionery goods have been summed up

International Column

Belarus: The offer of the bakery goods in the Republic of Belarus

– gladden with its quality and diversity

Germany: The diversity of bakery goods in Germany

– each family has its own preferences

Kazakhstan: Production of bread in the Republic of Kazakhstan

– the growth of consumption has been noticed

Science and Technology

Technology of fruit jelly using fruit and vegetable cryopastes and cryopowders

– is offered by the scientists of Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade

The influence of the products of the processed oat and maize germs on the quality and nutritive value of white bread

– bread is recommended for the health-improving and medioprophylactic nutrition


Rational use of the internal resources of the enterprise

– using the ovens À2-ÕÏÊ

Packaging and packing up with «NOTIS»

– maximum efficiency with high quality and at acceptable price

Raw Materials and Ingredients

Modern high-tech products for the bakery branch

– are offered by the company «Vikos»

Austrian bakery from the company «Pfannl»

– from Christmas pies «stollen» tî the multicereal bread

Topical Information

Modern packaging of bakery and confectionery goods

– made of ecological shelled wood

Starting of the new product. Part 2

– advices from the leading sector marketer Roman Kalinin


– 20th anniversary international fair took place in Moscow



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